A New Era for Human Translation

Harnessing the Power of Interactive Translation Dictation

What is Interactive Translation Dictation?

Translating with Your Voice

Interactive translation dictation enables you to translate using your most powerful tool—your voice, and to do so from any device—your tablet, smartphone or touch computer.

Translating via the Cloud

Interactive translation dictation can be used anytime and anywhere. It allows you to save and sync your projects via the Cloud, and easily connect with clients and collaborators. 

Speech Recognition and Multimodal Interaction in Translation

Speech recognition technology processes a human’s voice and speech. It allows translators to produce texts 3-7 times faster than with the conventional keyboard, rapidly search information, easily edit texts, and much more!
When voice recognition is combined with other input modes such as touch and gestures, it offers many more benefits to translators, including flexibility and a better, more natural interaction experience!