What Can We Make with These? How Multimodal Interaction Could Transform the Way Human Translators Work and Live

Multimodal interaction–the essence of interactive translation dictation–has taken me, literally, around the world: from Glasgow to Tokyo, from Istanbul to Seattle. Among the many perks of having been part of the ICMI community for several years was an escorted VIP...

Lean-thinking the translation process: Typing is wasteful

I trust the header image and title of this post tell the story. Here is, however, a little more meat for the avid, hungry readers.

La traduction dictée interactive arrive enfin!

En 2018, c’est le moment de dire « Adieu! au clavier » et d’amorcer le grand retour de l’oralité. Dans les années à venir, c’est la traduction dictée interactive qui deviendra la norme dans le secteur de la traduction professionnelle.